Chawal Chilla/ Instant Rice Dosa

Straight from my state “Chhattisgarh”

From Chhattisgarhi Cuisine 

Chawal ka chilla ek bahut hi easy aur tasty breakfast dish hai. Isse Lal Chutney ke sath serve kiya jata hai jo spicy hoti hai. Continue reading “Chawal Chilla/ Instant Rice Dosa”

Curd Sandwich 

Curd Sandwich is a very healthy and easy to make breakfast 

The curd or dahi is used as spread along with spices and then topped with veggies  Continue reading “Curd Sandwich “

Gulabosa (samosa in rose pattern)

Samosa is a famous tea time snacks across all over India. It can be fried or baked with different stuffings like potato, peas, noodles etc.  Typically it is triangle in shape but for a change I have tried a different pattern ie. Rose shape and the outcome was awesome and yes beautiful too 😀😀 Continue reading “Gulabosa (samosa in rose pattern)”