Meri Kalam Se …..



Hi All !

Welcome to my Blog ! This is me, Ruchi your very own buddy and yes Ladoo’s Mumma ! As you all know …. I am a food-a-holic and so I never miss a chance to try out new recipes that I get to know, I’m a big time foodie and love to cook. Cooking is my hobby, and my biggest asset  – it is something that really makes me happy.




I am a big time foodie and I love to cook. Cooking is my hobby, and my biggest asset – it is something that really makes me happy. Ruchis Rasoi is an extension of my passion for cooking. I am a proud mother of a son Adeetya (my cutie ladoo) and I live with my FIL, MIL, hubby, my ladoo and of course ME. My kitchen runs 4 times a day – starting with everyone’s breakfast, then ladoo’s Tiffin, Lunch and finally dinner for all. Besides cooking, I am a Party Planner as well. I run my very own business from home in the name of Ruchis Theme Parteezz. In this we supply Party goods as well as organize a few. After all this, whatever time I have left, I love to photograph myself…… they don’t call me selfie queen for nothing…… MY family is my ALL TIME MOTIVATION, BIGGEST SUPPORT AND BIGGEST CRITIC. Their desire to eat something new each day keeps me going, cooking and experimenting with food. My Cutie Pie Laddoo is really picky when it comes to food. He has his own demands too and is very selective about the taste and look of a dish.




My passion for delicious food and experimenting with new recipes is what you will find here. All the recipes at Ruchis Rasoi are tested and tried in my kitchen many times before it goes on the site. I try my hands on a particular recipe over and over again until I am satisfied with the results. Through this blog, I have put in my genuine effort to show my cooking style in a step by step format. This blog will walk you through each and every step required in preparing yummy and delicious meals that you crave for and above all in a very easy way.

Thanks for stopping by, sit back and enjoy my blog!
Happy cooking and hope to see you around again and again.


A very small but important Thank you –

Hi ! Nidhi ji (

You are a beautiful person inside and out! I always look forward to your new blog posts which are very tasty and exciting!! I have been struggling and stumbling all this while with starting my blog and posting my recipes on it … you have been a very sweet, supportive and helpful person to me, who not only has guided and taught me but also has given your precious time in developing and designing my blog. Thank you so very much for all that you have done.

Wishing you all the best in life and my best wishes to you and your family!

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