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Mumbaiya Sandwich/ Bombay Sandwich/ Veg Sandwich/ Kacchi Sandwich

Mumbaiya Sandwich once again

This one is my Ladoo’s favourite 😀😀😀

Jab mai choti thi tabse ise khaati aa rahi hu…. hum ise KACCHI SANDWICH boltey thay 😊😊

Kuch log ise VEG SANDWICH bhi kehtey hai


Here goes the recipe


Bread slices- 6

Kheera (cucumber)- 1 large cut into thin slices

Tamatar (tomato)- 2 cut into thin slices

Salt to taste

Black salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Chat masala to taste

Butter- 2-3 tbsp


Apply butter on bread slices

An in three slices sprinkle salt and chat masala

And in other three slices sprinkle black salt and black pepper

Now spread cucumber and tomato slices on one slice of bread

And cover it with another slice and gently press it

Not cut it into your desired shape (square/ rectangular/ triangular) and enjoy your tasty and healthy sandwich with tea/ coffee/ milk


You can also add onion and boiled potato slices

You can also apply green chutney


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