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Pasta in white sauce 

Mere Ladoo ki ek aur pasand 😀😀😀 halaki usko red sauce pasta jyada pasand hai par ab dheere dheere ye bhi pasand aane laga hai ☺️☺️☺️

Mai Pasta 2 method se banati hu 1st may white sauce alag se bana kar phir mix karti hu aur 2nd method may sab eksath banta hai (jo mujhe easy lagta hai) 

Dono may bas ek hi difference hai ki first wala method unke liye hai jo white sauce bana kar rakhte hai ya extra rakha ho 😀😀😀

Here goes the recipe 


Pasta in white sauce (1st method)

For white sauce

2 tsp- butter

2 tsp- cornflour

1 glass- milk


Black pepper

Other Ingredients 

Pasta- 2 cup (of your choice)

Butter/ oil/ olive oil- 2-3 tsps

Oregano- 1/4 tsp or less

Chilli flakes- 1/4 tsp (optional)

Cheese (of your choice)- 2-3 cubes

Paneer – cut into small cubes

Sweet corn- boiled

Carrot- cut into small pieces

(You can also add cauliflower, onions, beans, capsicum etc)

You can adjust the quantity of veggies according to your taste

I have taken 2 cups pasta and 1 cup veggies


For White Sauce 

Butter garam kare usmay cornflour add kare aur lagatar chalate hue golden brown hone tak seeke

Ab ismay dheere dheere milk add kare aur chalate rahe jab dodh gaadha na ho jaye, lagbhag aadha, tab namak aur kali mirch add kare aur ache se mix kare aur gas par se utar le.

For boiling pasta:-

Pani boil kare usmay 1 tsp oil dale halka sa namak add kare aur pasta dale. Jab pasta gal jaye tab chaan kar thanda(normal) pani dale aur side rakh de.

Kadai ya non stick pan may Oil/ butter/olive oil garam kare usmay sare veggies ko 2-3 minute sauté kare.

Salt, black pepper, oregano aur boiled pasta add kare ek minute seeke (add grated cheese if you want) aur white sauce mix kare kuch der paka le thoda thick ho jaye tab utar le.
Serve this with bread loaf or buns

2nd method:-

Sabse pehle ek kadai ya pan may oil/ butter garam kiya aur sabjiya sauté kijiye

Ab cornflour ya maida dala aur kuch seconds ke liye chalaya aur milk add kar diya

Jab milk thick hone lage tab boiled pasta, salt, oregano, chilli flakes, black pepper aur grated cheese dal kar kuch der pakaya

Jab thoda sa thick ho jaye (creamy) tab thoda sa butter add kare (optional) aur phir utarkar serve kare

Note:- sabji aap apni pasand se kam ya jyada dal sakte hai
Pasta bhi aap apni pasand ka le sakte hai

Chilli flakes add karna ya nahi karna bhi aapki pasand pe hai


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