Burger…. No Caption Needed 

Baccho aur bado sabka favourite 😋😋

Here goes the recipe 


For burger patty:-

Onion finely chopped- 1

Capsicum finely chopped- 1

Cauliflower finely chopped- 1/2 cup

Cabbage finely chopped- 1/2 cup

Carrot finely chopped- 1

Paneer cut into small cubes- 1/4 cup

Boiled and mashed Potatoes- 4

Boiled peas- 1/4 cup

2-3 tsp ginger garlic and green chilies paste


Black Pepper

Oregano (optional)

Cornflour- 3-4 tsps

Oil/ butter- 2 tbsp


Cornflour ko thoda pani mila kar paste bana le (thoda sa thick)

Thode oil ya butter may garlic paste saute kare.


Add carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, onion and capsicum.

Jab thoda soft ho jaye tab matar aur paneer add kare aur namak, black pepper dalkar mix kare do min aur seeke aur utar kar mashed potatoes add kare

Thanda hone de ab iske patty/tikki ka shape de

Ab cornflour paste may lapet le(dip kare)

Garam oil may deep fry karle( thoda acha garam oil may)

Burger patty ready.


For making Burger:-

Onion- cut into slices

Capsicum- cut into slices

Tomatoes- cut into slices



Other Ingredients:-


Tomato sauce

Chilli sauce (optional)


Grated cheese


Burger ban ko bich se cut karle

Dono bahar ke sides pe butter lagaye

Niche wale portion may tomato sauce aur chilli sauce lagaye ab uspe capsicum ki ek slice rakhe



Ab tamatar slice



Ab onion slice



Ab burger patty rakhe



Mayonnaise lagaye

Phirse onion capsicum tomato ki ek ek slice rakhe upar se cheese dale aur ban ka upar wala hissa dhak de aur thoda sa cheese uske upar ( bahar ki taraf) bhi dale


Ab pre heated oven may bake kare

Temperature- 180-200

Time-5-10 min

Jinke pass oven na ho woh sabse pehle ban ko cut kare aur butter laga kar seeke phir pura layers karne ke baad tave par phir se halka sa garam kare aur serve kare( bas upar may jo cheese dalna hai, ban ke upar, woh na dale)






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